The Ascension Energy Program is the next generation of energy technologies used to remove negativity from the human Aura. The human being is a standing wave of energy, a hologram according to quantum physics. The Aura consists of the etheric body- the blueprint for the physical body, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies as well as the physical carbon-based body. All these bodies  emanate and inter-act with the physical body. Your DNA has both physical and non-physical aspects. The physical body is rooted in time and is subject to the laws of entropy or aging. The etheric body is non-linear and outside of time. The process of Ascension is the transformation of the linear carbon-based body to a non-linear Crystal/silicone based structure. The concept of alchemy is is transmutation of dark to light. The whole DNA code contains the memories of your life experiences not only from this lifetime but every lifetime in a multitude of realites. These imprints if they are traumatic create an interference pattern that interferes with the proper functioning of the DNA. All sorts of problems could occur such as diseases in all varieties, emotional difficulties, karmic blocks, aging in general which is negativity as a result of living in time and being subjected to the group mind of humanity. Death is simply a program or an accumulation of enough negativity where the body disintegrates and ceases to function. Living in time results in the weakening of all the energy bodies specifically the etheric body which contains the blueprint for the Ascended Man or perfected Man. Some traditions call it the Christ, Buddha, Immortals or the Superman.

The end goal of the Ascension Energy Program is to remove enough negativity to activate the Ascension process on a bio-chemical level. The physical body is the last chain in the sequence. As the densest of all bodies, it is the least affected by the mind, however over time the body will exhibit the effects of the mind. As the removal of negativity from the Ascension energy technologies takes place over time, the body becomes lighter as the fears, negative emotions and memories are neutralized or erased. As the memories are wiped-cleaned of the negative emotional content, there is a corresponding increase in the energy contained within all the subtle bodies. Traditionally the Chinese believe that when we use up the pre-natal chi contained within the etheric body, that we age and eventually die. The bio-resonance technologies and the tachyon technologies increase the pre-natal chi contained within the subtle bodies. When this begins to happen, we start to Age Regress. Age Reversal on a physical level is a result of a massive energy accumulation within the human aura. We have never really seen this happen before so we do not know that it is possible. We only know it in the stories of the legends of the Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Babaji, the 7 immortals sages of China and the Christ to name a few.
The Ascension Energy program consists of 4 different technologies: Bio-resonance, Etheric Water, Tachyon Mirror Machine and the Orgone Radionic Machine.
The Bio-Resonance Program: is the Marquee technology it is based on the Unified field theories of Burkhard Heim who created a math called Metron Calculus that explains this reality construct from 6 dimensions. Heim’s theories explain gravity which has eluded such great minds as Newton, Einstein and Tesla. The main function of the bio-resonance technology is to remove fear and lower emotions and feed them back in as unified field energy or Love. Love is a complete energy spectrum. The struggle of life is to become whole or holy. We are all seeking the missing information spectrum. What happens in chronic low energy states is a daily constant battle for energy. All relationships become a battle for energy from Mother to child to husband to wife. All of our problems are fundamentally a lack of energy; that is it in a nutshell. The bio-resonance program has 5 different machines, #3,#5, #7,#8, and #9. Each machine is exponentially stronger than the previous level, the #7,8 and #9 machines are variable, that is their power is increased from week to week. By the time that you get to the number #9 machine you are essentially one of the most powerful spiritual beings on the planet. How do we know this? By the manifestations, your mind, emotions and the will. You will be creating the highest magic on the face of the planet. What does that mean? You can have anything you want in life from your new perspective as a purified being? Will that happen overnight? No, it takes time, maybe a year or two, depends on how much spiritual progress you have made to date.
Most people think they are more progressed than they really are. You can always tell by the manifestations. Ye shall know by the fruit, one guy said I can’t remember who… We look at you as an energy ball and solve the deficiencies, as you accumulate energy, your personality morphs. It becomes stronger and more forceful. You will become decisive in your decision-making process. Eventually, you will gain the Midas touch as the removal of negativity creates crystal-clear thinking with an ever increasing positive energy loop. Success breeds success.
Etheric Water Program: This is a tachyonized homeopathic water program that is delivered radionically to your doorstep. We give you a link code and you can treat anything water-based such as well water, food, beer, wine, sangria, and even Milk. Comprised within the etheric water signature are all sorts of homeopathic nutrients such as the vitamin C, magnesium, resveratrol, the 4 immortality transcription factors to name a few. The effects of the etheric water program are subtle and will increase in time as your become more energy sensitive. This is not a substitute for proper nutrition, but another way that we can give you a boost that shows some positive longterm results. This contributes to the increase in the Chi within the subtle energy bodies.
Tachyon Mirror Machine: Is a technology that Bill has created, it is a bit low-tech with some high tech results. It can help remove en-trenced Ego blocks similar to Luke Sykwalker entering the cave and facing his shadow side of the personality. The other benefit has been removing chronic pain and increasing physical strength. We use it lot for athletes both weekend warriors and professional ones. There are two levels on the Tachyon Mirror program, #3 and #5.
Orgone Radionic Machine: This is a massive device that is housed within a very large chest made from Wilhelm Reich Orgone energy. It is a combination of traditional Alchemy and Orgone. I use various objects and crystals to enhance the power of the Orgone device and it is an Ongoing process as I continue to add layers to it. The Orgone machine has a balance of masculiine and feminine energies as Jennifer my assistant both have had a hand in the making of the device. Contained within the Orgone device are all the sacred metals, Gold Silver, Platinum as well as monoatomic elements and even titanium. It is run by two DC generations, a 5 amp and 20 amp device. Often I will do my own ritual to amplify the energy of this machine with Crystal Singing bowls. I often play the solfeggio scale and leave on 24/7. The Orgone radionic machine is the technology that is driven the most by the operator. As I become clearer the technology increases in power. The same can be said for everyone on the program. There is a huge boost in power from the feedback of longterm clients as they become Ascended beings. All of the technologies are included in the one base membership price. The technologies as a whole create a massive energy signature that will rocket your life literally into the next dimension. I would say this is true insurance for the future. If we live in a state of uncertainty, would not you want to become sure of yourself with the world in a constant state of flux. Subscriptions Here