We are also now offering private sessions remotely with the New Xcalibur Magnetic field generator. This machine can be used to deliver homeopathic remedies, for all kinds of ailments. We can also work with specific manifestation or intention for career or relationships. We are now combining multiple technologies in one private session. You will also be left on the Xcalibur machine for one week after a session. We use pictures for this machine and you will need to email me a picture for the private session.

Private Sessions


30 minutes $65.00

1 Hour $100.00

You will be surprised what can be done in a half hour. Kevin has at his disposal an enormous array of spiritual tools from several kinds of tachyon wands, to hundreds of homeo-pathic elixirs that can be amplified by any number of technologies. Allergies are often deep trauma embedded within the DNA on a physical level or non-physical level held in by a magnetic charge. DNA is essentially re-programmable. The problem has been mostly the lack of power.

Have you ever been treated for Allergies and felt better for a short period of time, but had the symptoms return? Until recently there have not been technologies available that can clear out all of the trauma layers held within the genetic┬ácode up to the 6th dimension. The Bio-resonance machines are based on Burkhard Heim’s Grand Unified Field Theory and the Temple of Man in Luxor, Egypt.
Relationships problems in addition to allergy removal, are based on DNA corruption due to a neuro-association with Trauma with an individual or type of individual to a particular event or series of events in this life or other lifetimes. Bill and I, achieved a breakthrough when we started to approach Relationship troubles as simply an allergy problem. Unrequited Love, Obsessional Love, constant rejection of the opposite sex, fear of intimacy, panic and anxiety all can be treated the same way as allergies. We come up with a homeopathic antidote for the particular issue and then treat it with the Tachyon glass and Bio-resonance machines. The key with the success is the identification of the true problem and the application of a massive amount of Tachyon energy. The discussion and re-hashing of the alleged problem is not necessary because the mind is incapable of healing a wound; all it can do is amplify a process. The mind is an amplification device and a tuner. We tap into frequencies and amplify them; the variable is how deeply we engage our emotions and how much we repeat the commercial. Most programs are sub-conscious and automatic. The proper identification of these running programs is 90% of the battle. The solution after-that is to run the energy to erase the program and flush the system; since most of the information is kept in the hyper-dimensional aspects of the DNA, it was virtually impossible to affect a complete healing that would not re-surface prior to Tachyon and Bio-resonance technologies.

We are after results here – not continual processing. Wilhelm Reich was kicked out of the Vienna institute in Austria because he wanted a uniform standard in which to judge the effectiveness of any therapeutic approach.

Send email to AscensionEnergyProgram@gmail.com to pick up subliminals for after purchase.