AscensionEnergy’s Community Call

Bio-resonance technology – What if there was a technology that could assist you in breaking a lifetime of bad habits, condense 10 years of Spiritual growth into a few months rather than years? Would you do it? Would you feel like you are cheating? Change does not have to be difficult. The Bio-resonance technology is 20 years in the making; a culmination of a Bill Kirkland’s spiritual quest. Mr. Kirkland has a lifetime of extensive study of ancient religions, prayer, meditation, modern day radionics and electro-magnetic energy devices. Bill has created an electronic aid for Mankind to make the next Great leap to full Consciousness.

Ascension is the process of raising one’s base frequency rate from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. It is a higher cellular vibratory rate, changing one’s chemical composition from carbon to silica, an act on transmutation and alchemy. Quantum physics tells us that we are holograms, resonant standing waves of Energy. Recent Russian studies have confirmed that DNA responds to language and sound. Sound is frequency, in the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh. Modern science is now confirming what ancient alchemy and esoteric religion has been telling us for millennia that Man creates his own reality with his mind, emotions and will. St. Germaine was reported to have discovered the Elixir of life that enabled him to live over 300 years in the same body without aging. An elixir is frequency is a bottle, what bio-resonance technology is doing is substituting a machine for elixirs, potions, years of rigorous meditation to climb the mountain of consciousness faster. Whether you use this technology to create massive abundance, increase athletic performance without drugs, or bring a perfected mate into your life as you’re become perfected is up to you. You are the painter; the technology provides the power to alter the course and direction of your life.

Nikola Tesla once said that Man’s quest is a quest to gain more energy. What we lack is the power to run our genetics properly. DNA is a supercomputer that is operating with 32 ram. Higher consciousness needs vastly improved operative genetics, in times of the recent past to move into higher states of  consciousness or Ascension status; you needed to become virtually an ascetic, a monk living in the mountains chanting and prayer 24/7 and eating a pure diet. The Bio-resonance technology will greatly enhance you ability to tune into higher consciousness without the need for becoming a monk. The Bio-resonance technology will aid in removing negativity from your mind and provide you with energy to break through karmic blocks. It is not a substitute for spiritual growth but an adjunct that can greatly accelerate your spiritual path, improve your emotional well being and physical health.

The Bio-resonance/Energetic Balancing program’s goal is to raise your energy levels within your mind, body and emotional nature; to facilitate the elimination of negativity from your life. Provide energy to make enlightened choices on a daily basis that leads to a new way of living; one based on Wisdom and Love rather than fear and ignorance. Fear-based states of consciousness are simply vibratory realms that are deficient in Life-force energy. There have been many methods devised to reach these higher levels: chanting, prayer, supplication, absorption of spiritual reading material and listening to talks by spiritual leaders are just a few. Unfortunately the environment in which we live bathes us in a constant flow of negative information: market crashes, car wrecks, political epithets, and examples of human depravity are well recognized examples of this. There is a way out of this labyrinth. What is the solution? We have developed a machine that sends our clients positive energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week, just by using your name. Our clients inform us that the positive energy that we send to you through your name almost completely removes negative emotions, promoting more physical energy, better concentration and an almost inevitable rise in spirituality.

In Gnostic Christianity the word Tau signifies an adept or master. Historically, a Tau materializes approximately once every hundred years. A Tau  master, or master of masters, arrives every thousand years. This book chronicles the making of a modern-day Tau master. It begins as he reaches his full spiritual capabilities around 30 years of age and moves forward as esoteric experiences eventually form a complete mystical entity. Unlike the past, where masters were created by years of supplication, meditation, and prayer, our master is able to reach his full powers with the help of modern technology. The technologies depicted in this novel are real and are being used today to create modern-day Tau masters. Although the experiences of our modern-day masters may not be as colorful as those depicted in the book, they can easily be as complex and are often more fulfilling.

The world of alchemy is extensively used in the book. Today we find ourselves in an alchemical world much like the Renaissance some five hundred years ago. In that era, alchemy, a synthesis of spiritualism and the physical scienes, was used to explain a very superficial knowledge of the complex world that we know today. With the advent of the age of modern science, from approximately 1500-1950, the characteristics of chemical bonding and the stereoscopic arrangement of atoms as well as the depths of the atomic structure were explored. In the early 1900’s, quantum mechanics was rigorously researched at both the theoretical and physical levels. It was discovered that at subatomic levels, particles, and therefore reality can be influenced by the observer. This ushered in the age of modern alchemy. Once again the spiritual and physical sciences have met, with the spiritual gaining the upper hand.

In the 1980’s, Burkhard Heim, a German physicist, proposed a Unified Quantum Field Theory, a concept first sought by such notables as Albert Einstein over a half century earlier. These early scientists attempted to find the theoretical connection between relativity, the study of gravitational effects, and quantum mechanics. Heim’s proposal unifed both phenomena, but in an unusual way; he created calculations in eight dimensions and a new mathematics, metron calculus, to completely describe these heretofore disparate phenomena. Burkhard named the mathematics of the fifth and sixth dimension the entelechial dimension. Here reality is conceptualized as a series of probabilities before it is manifested in the four dimensions (length, width, height, time) that we are familiar with. The entelechial dimension is one of thought and spirituality, where the physical world cannot exist. It is the world of modern alchemy.

In the mid-1930’s, the concept of zero point was also theorized; in the absence of any temperature, such as in outer space, it was discovered that there was an infinite source of energy, made up of almost infinitely small particles, called tachyons, that dwarfs what we observe on the physical plane. It has been theorized that our physical world contains only one-billionth of the available energy in the universe. We are the top of a wave in ether space, with a whole ocean of energy beneath us.

Unfortunately, instrumentation, as it has been developed in the physical sciences, has almost no capability of measuring this dimension. Instead, the human body antennae with its auric structure; devoid of the interference that so characterizes auras damaged by everyday existence, may in the hands of a highly purified adept, be the best way to reach the new frontiers of reality.
Enter the Tau Master, an evolved entity whose time has come; the human answer to the ever exploding power of science on the physical plane. He is the guiding light that can never be matched by the crude sophistication of modern technology. He is the guiding light that can never be matched by the crude sophistication of modern technology. Although assisted by science to reach ascension,he then reaches levels of sophistication only found in human imagination. This may well be the future of the human race, predicted by the adepts for millennia and beautifully explained by Jesus Christ some two thousand years ago.

The AscensionEnergy Machines we offer:

1)The Bio-Resonance Machine – is the core of the  There are 5 machines in total. Machine#3, 5, 7, 8, and 9. As a premium member you will be moved up fairly rapidly on the bio-resonance machines. You will have complete access to Bill and Kevin for any consultations.

2) Tachyon Mirror Machine – removes inflammation from the physical body, helps with Sports injuries and rehabilitation. Removes sub-concious physical pain; there is a general release of chronic tension throughout the physical body when one goes on the Tachyon mirror machine. Often our minds become very adept at blocking pain. When the pain is removed our mind is opened up to new levels of awareness and opportunities. All of these technologies function indirectly for Age Reversal. Aging is a programmed response by the body to self-destruct. It is not in-evitable and geneticists are unravelling the genetic code as we speak. Fundamentally, everything that happens to us is a result of a perception or belief. The irony of the placebo effect is the real implication is that thought is the basis of reality. Reality is a changeable program. There is nothing fundamental or real that is static. When you see in the old testament that Noah lived 800 years; you can probably take that as literal.

3)  The Etheric Water Technology – is a remote homeopathic water remedy that provides essentially nutrients and energy for the physical body. The etheric water will become more effective over the long-term as you clear your mind and your emotions. Over time the etheric water will provide energy even on a physical level as one becomes more in tune with higher conciousness.

4) Orgone Radionic Machine – This is an extension of the Orgone technology originally developed by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone is simply another form of Life-force energy. The Orgone Radionic  machine is a massive talisman that is powered by a 5 amp DC generator, contains about 25 pounds of Orgone with precious metals such as Gold and Platinum as well as mono-atomic Gold, Silver and Copper. There is a water implosion device that uses the golden mean proportions. The Orgone radionic machine has a very grounding effect; it is very much rooted in the physical plane. It can anchor in the more etheric effects of the Bio-resonance machine.

How it works:

The program is a monthly subscription. All the various machines are included in one price After payment, you are given Bill Kirkland’s phone number for an initial 30 minute consultation. Bill places your name on Bio-resonance machine#4. The power of the machine is gradually raised from week to week. Eventually after about 6 weeks, you name will be placed on machine#5 and the same process starts all over again. The machines power levels go up exponentially over time, there is no limit in the forseeable future. We plan on adding more technologies in the future as well. Bill is also available for private clearing sessions for very economical price, we are sensitive to the current economic conditions, but at the same time the value of the energy and the machines  are priceless as they say…

Subscription includes Bio-Resonance,Etheric Water,Tachyon Mirror Machine,Orgone Radionic Machine and coming soon Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator