Tachyon Mirror Machine

Is an offshoot of the Tachyon Jewelry line and Wands. Mirrors have been used for centuries as magical tools to peer into the future as well as into the depth of the soul.
We like to use glass rather than plastic to encode Tachyon energy because we feel it holds the energy much more strongly. Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. With the accumulation of Tachyon energy in the sub-atomic parts of the DNA, there may be signs of youthing or Age Reversal. Tachyon glass works well with chronic pain.
The Tachyon Mirror Machine is a series of Tachyonized Mirrors placed in a Sacred Geometric configuration and influenced by a low-level magnetic field from the bio-resonance machines. It is a homemade low brow device, but not necessarily low power. We have found up to this point that the Mirror machines work well with chronic physical pain. There is a penetrating anti-inflammatory effect as well as effecting the psyche on a deep mental buy discount and emotional level. It is similar to Luke diets drugs Skywalker confronting himself in the Cave on the planet Dagobah.
That place…is strong with the dark side of the Force.”
“What’s in there?”
“Only what you take with you.”   Luke and Yoda…  It is the contact with our dark side or shadow that contains the power and pleasure in life. We are including the Mirror Technology as a part of the basic subscription to the Ascension Energy Program, along with the Bio-resonance and the Etheric Water. Initially you may feel a greater sense of relaxation when you first go on the Mirror technology. As you integrate these energies, you will get used to the mirror machine and it will fade back into the background; however that does not mean it is not still working. It is the slow and subtle incremental changes that will begin to show up  in your life, you may start to feel like you want to exercise more, a boost in energy levels may appear as well as an overall lightening of one’s personality. The mirrors can be intense, so there may be the dark side showing up a bit in your life. These are the repressed energies seeking an outlet and expression. If you embrace them, you may notice that you become happier, more spontaneous and physically more energetic. All of these technologies are here to move you in the direction of loosening the grip of the ego on your consciousness. A bit of struggle and fight is not necessarily a bad thing, part of the process. The mirrors will unleash your passion or fire in the belly; something that we really need in this drug-addicted zombified world  of consumerism, reality TV and fiat currency.

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