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Bio-resonance technology – What if there was a technology that could assist you in breaking a lifetime of bad habits, condense 10 years of Spiritual growth into a few months rather than years? Would you do it? Would you feel like you are cheating? Change does not have to be difficult. The Bio-resonance technology is 20 years in the making; a culmination of a Bill Kirkland’s spiritual quest. Mr. Kirkland has a lifetime of extensive study of ancient religions, prayer, meditation, modern day radionics and electro-magnetic energy devices. Bill has created an electronic aid for Mankind to make the next Great leap to full Consciousness.

Ascension is the process of raising one’s base frequency rate from the 3rd dimension to the 5th. It is a higher cellular vibratory rate, changing one’s chemical composition from carbon to silica, an act on transmutation and alchemy. Quantum physics tells us that we are holograms, resonant standing waves of Energy. Recent Russian studies have confirmed that DNA responds to language and sound. Sound is frequency, in the beginning was the Word and the Word became flesh. Modern science is now confirming what ancient alchemy and esoteric religion has been telling us for millennia that Man creates his own reality with his mind, emotions and will. St. Germaine was reported to have discovered the Elixir of life that enabled him to live over 300 years in the same body without aging. An elixir is frequency is a bottle, what bio-resonance technology is doing is substituting a machine for elixirs, potions, years of rigorous meditation to climb the mountain of consciousness faster. Whether you use this technology to create massive abundance, increase athletic performance without drugs, or bring a perfected mate into your life as you’re become perfected is up to you. You are the painter; the technology provides the power to alter the course and direction of your life.

Nikola Tesla once said that Man’s quest is a quest to gain more energy. What we lack is the power to run our genetics properly. DNA is a supercomputer that is operating with 32 ram. Higher consciousness needs vastly improved operative genetics, in times of the recent past to move into higher states of  consciousness or Ascension status; you needed to become virtually an ascetic, a monk living in the mountains chanting and prayer 24/7 and eating a pure diet. The Bio-resonance technology will greatly enhance you ability to tune into higher consciousness without the need for becoming a monk. The Bio-resonance technology will aid in removing negativity from your mind and provide you with energy to break through karmic blocks. It is not a substitute for spiritual growth but an adjunct that can greatly accelerate your spiritual path, improve your emotional well being and physical health.

The Bio-resonance/Energetic Balancing program’s goal is to raise your energy levels within your mind, body and emotional nature; to facilitate the elimination of negativity from your life. Provide energy to make enlightened choices on a daily basis that leads to a new way of living; one based on Wisdom and Love rather than fear and ignorance. Fear-based states of consciousness are simply vibratory realms that are deficient in Life-force energy. There have been many methods devised to reach these higher levels: chanting, prayer, supplication, absorption of spiritual reading material and listening to talks by spiritual leaders are just a few. Unfortunately the environment in which we live bathes us in a constant flow of negative information: market crashes, car wrecks, political epithets, and examples of human depravity are well recognized examples of this. There is a way out of this labyrinth. What is the solution? We have developed a machine that sends our clients positive energy 24 hours a day 7 days a week, just by using your name. Our clients inform us that the positive energy that we send to you through your name almost completely removes negative emotions, promoting more physical energy, better concentration and an almost inevitable rise in spirituality.

In Gnostic Christianity the word Tau signifies an adept or master. Historically, a Tau materializes approximately once every hundred years. A Tau  master, or master of masters, arrives every thousand years. This book chronicles the making of a modern-day Tau master. It begins as he reaches his full spiritual capabilities around 30 years of age and moves forward as esoteric experiences eventually form a complete mystical entity. Unlike the past, where masters were created by years of supplication, meditation, and prayer, our master is able to reach his full powers with the help of modern technology. The technologies depicted in this novel are real and are being used today to create modern-day Tau masters. Although the experiences of our modern-day masters may not be as colorful as those depicted in the book, they can easily be as complex and are often more fulfilling.

The world of alchemy is extensively used in the book. Today we find ourselves in an alchemical world much like the Renaissance some five hundred years ago. In that era, alchemy, a synthesis of spiritualism and the physical scienes, was used to explain a very superficial knowledge of the complex world that we know today. With the advent of the age of modern science, from approximately 1500-1950, the characteristics of chemical bonding and the stereoscopic arrangement of atoms as well as the depths of the atomic structure were explored. In the early 1900’s, quantum mechanics was rigorously researched at both the theoretical and physical levels. It was discovered that at subatomic levels, particles, and therefore reality can be influenced by the observer. This ushered in the age of modern alchemy. Once again the spiritual and physical sciences have met, with the spiritual gaining the upper hand.

In the 1980’s, Burkhard Heim, a German physicist, proposed a Unified Quantum Field Theory, a concept first sought by such notables as Albert Einstein over a half century earlier. These early scientists attempted to find the theoretical connection between relativity, the study of gravitational effects, and quantum mechanics. Heim’s proposal unifed both phenomena, but in an unusual way; he created calculations in eight dimensions and a new mathematics, metron calculus, to completely describe these heretofore disparate phenomena. Burkhard named the mathematics of the fifth and sixth dimension the entelechial dimension. Here reality is conceptualized as a series of probabilities before it is manifested in the four dimensions (length, width, height, time) that we are familiar with. The entelechial dimension is one of thought and spirituality, where the physical world cannot exist. It is the world of modern alchemy.

In the mid-1930’s, the concept of zero point was also theorized; in the absence of any temperature, such as in outer space, it was discovered that there was an infinite source of energy, made up of almost infinitely small particles, called tachyons, that dwarfs what we observe on the physical plane. It has been theorized that our physical world contains only one-billionth of the available energy in the universe. We are the top of a wave in ether space, with a whole ocean of energy beneath us.

Unfortunately, instrumentation, as it has been developed in the physical sciences, has almost no capability of measuring this dimension. Instead, the human body antennae with its auric structure; devoid of the interference that so characterizes auras damaged by everyday existence, may in the hands of a highly purified adept, be the best way to reach the new frontiers of reality.
Enter the Tau Master, an evolved entity whose time has come; the human answer to the ever exploding power of science on the physical plane. He is the guiding light that can never be matched by the crude sophistication of modern technology. He is the guiding light that can never be matched by the crude sophistication of modern technology. Although assisted by science to reach ascension,he then reaches levels of sophistication only found in human imagination. This may well be the future of the human race, predicted by the adepts for millennia and beautifully explained by Jesus Christ some two thousand years ago.

The AscensionEnergy Machines we offer:

1)The Bio-Resonance Machine – is the core of the  There are 5 machines in total. Machine#3, 5, 7, 8, and 9. As a premium member you will be moved up fairly rapidly on the bio-resonance machines. You will have complete access to Bill and Kevin for any consultations.

2) Tachyon Mirror Machine – removes inflammation from the physical body, helps with Sports injuries and rehabilitation. Removes sub-concious physical pain; there is a general release of chronic tension throughout the physical body when one goes on the Tachyon mirror machine. Often our minds become very adept at blocking pain. When the pain is removed our mind is opened up to new levels of awareness and opportunities. All of these technologies function indirectly for Age Reversal. Aging is a programmed response by the body to self-destruct. It is not in-evitable and geneticists are unravelling the genetic code as we speak. Fundamentally, everything that happens to us is a result of a perception or belief. The irony of the placebo effect is the real implication is that thought is the basis of reality. Reality is a changeable program. There is nothing fundamental or real that is static. When you see in the old testament that Noah lived 800 years; you can probably take that as literal.

3)  The Etheric Water Technology – is a remote homeopathic water remedy that provides essentially nutrients and energy for the physical body. The etheric water will become more effective over the long-term as you clear your mind and your emotions. Over time the etheric water will provide energy even on a physical level as one becomes more in tune with higher conciousness.

4) Orgone Radionic Machine – This is an extension of the Orgone technology originally developed by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone is simply another form of Life-force energy. The Orgone Radionic  machine is a massive talisman that is powered by a 5 amp DC generator, contains about 25 pounds of Orgone with precious metals such as Gold and Platinum as well as mono-atomic Gold, Silver and Copper. There is a water implosion device that uses the golden mean proportions. The Orgone radionic machine has a very grounding effect; it is very much rooted in the physical plane. It can anchor in the more etheric effects of the Bio-resonance machine.

How it works:

The program is a monthly subscription. All the various machines are included in one price After payment, you are given Bill Kirkland’s phone number for an initial 30 minute consultation. Bill places your name on Bio-resonance machine#4. The power of the machine is gradually raised from week to week. Eventually after about 6 weeks, you name will be placed on machine#5 and the same process starts all over again. The machines power levels go up exponentially over time, there is no limit in the forseeable future. We plan on adding more technologies in the future as well. Bill is also available for private clearing sessions for very economical price, we are sensitive to the current economic conditions, but at the same time the value of the energy and the machines  are priceless as they say…

Subscription includes Bio-Resonance,Etheric Water,Tachyon Mirror Machine,Orgone Radionic Machine and coming soon Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator



(Subscription includes Bio-Resonance,Etheric Water,Tachyon Mirror Machine,Orgone Radionic Machine and coming soon Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator)


Single  Plans:
Single $50 Trial per month for the first month, followed by $75/month re-occuring thereafter for all Programs.
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Single 1 Year Prepay Recurring Every 12 months at $788/12 Months($65.67/ month) This is for all programs.

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Couple Plans:Couples Recurring Monthly Subscription One month Trial $80 per month. $140 per month thereafter for all programs.

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1 year couples prepay $1450 ($120.83 Per Month) This is for all programs.

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Custom Prepay Discounts Are Available For 6, 12 & 24 Months

Please contact Kevin by email or phone to develope a family plan that suits your needs.

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Real Estate, Commercial Property,  Business, Apartment complex

$30 per month


Quest Level

The Quest Level
$150.00 per month

This is for the individual that has achieved Financial Independence and is now looking for the pursuit of Happiness: The search for the Fountain of Youth, the Grail Quest, Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria, myths of dragons and dinosaurs in the deepest jungles of Africa, 100 foot snakes in Borneo, and even the more mundane ET’s  in New Mexico. The point is that you now have the time and the money to tread the path of an initiate or the swashbuckler having integrated the power Viagra online of Malkuth, the master of the material plane in the kaballistic system as symbolized by the Queen sitting on the throne. In Esoteric societies such as the Templars, Hospitallers, Knights of Malta, Assassins or Freemasons, whether you believe they are light or dark, they all have in common the necessity for the individual to achieve Financial Wealth.

Free-market Capitalism is the highest form of an economic system. That is why it  was implemented by the founding fathers, mostly Freemasons and Rosicrucians, as the basis of the American system as represented by the use of Gold as money. Socialism or Communism is a gross error of a spiritual truth. The fulfillment of Capitalism is in a society of independent freedom-loving individuals of strong body and mind in service to their creator and fellow man. The digression of a society into a political structure is where a hidden oligarchy steals the wealth of the few individuals who actually Online buy Viagra have the creative capacity to drive civilization forward in a productive and fruitful manner. This is a temporary state that is not in alignment with the evolution of Man. The Levitra buy online implementation of Fiat currency always leads to the destruction of civilization because it attempts to go against the law of true value; even exchange. It embeds the idea that something can be gotten for nothing, that one can cheat the system known as the Law of Karma or Thou Shalt Not Steal. This means on an esoteric level, one cannot steal as one only has the ability to harm oneself. The Laws of Commerce – as well as the Ten Commandments – actually uphold this principal. These are just simply statements of fact that tell how the mechanics of the universe work. Commerce is Truth. Wealth is a byproduct  of living in the truth. Ill-gotten gains will always be returned to the source, whether in this life or the next. What ultimately does happen is death when one lives out of alignment with their Cialis buy creator. Sin is simply spiritual error. Original Sin is the fear of God or Truth. It is a corruption throughout the whole genetic code that prior to the creation of Bio-resonance Cialis online buy and Tachyon technologies was virtually impossible to erase within the DNA to evolve to the next level. The truth is that one does not have to fear and that is what we are attempting to correct at We overcome sin to extend the lifespan by living in the Truth and embodying the concept of Happiness or Eros. That is certainly better than having the goal of retiring to Florida and signing up for AARP and leaving your wealth to your kin or your Government.

Why become a Premium member ?

Here is the $64,000 question. Who finished in second place at the 2008 Bejing Olympics 100 Meter Butterfly after Michael Phelps historic 7th Gold medal? How the hell would I know? I googled it, turns out it was Milorad Cavic. He lost by 1-100th of a second. In fact it was even closer than that, they had to use a camera that could slow down the race to one-1000th of a second. What if Cavic was on the energy technologies at the He would most likely have his  own Wheaties box right now rather than Wally Pipp syndrome. Any athlete from the aspiring to the professional to the weekend warrior. It can give you an unseen edge that can be tested for. It can take an aging athlete at the end of his career and extend  it for perhaps 2-3 years.
What about someone in a highly competitive field such as a trader? How about removing the stress necessary so you do not have a heart attack by 45. Do you still have the nerve left? Do you want it back? Bill Kirkland was a U.S. futures trading champion 1982-84. He is a font of knowledge when it comes to the markets. You essentially have a mentor to break you of any bad habits in virtually any field. Success is a function of maintaining a positive frame of mind on a continual basis. That is all about energy; when you remove negativity or repression you have more energy it is that simple.
We are on a positive feedback loop with new additions to our program on virtually a daily basis. Cumulatively, we have over 35 years of experience in the fields of energy technologies, meditation, Yoga and Western Esoteric traditions. You will be a part of our latest research and experimental technologies – a veritable guinea pig in the Alchemist’s workshop. Most of the research will not be put to print for months. Having access to the latest discoveries and insights will give you a massive edge in business, entertainment and Athletics.  We like people who are just as interested in the search as we are and who understand the ultimate value of what we have to offer.

Etheric Water


The Etheric Water – is created with a Energy Device different from the Bio-Resonance Machines. The Elixirs create a massive energy imprint direct on the structure of the water molecule. This is vastly different from simply labeling Water with the word Love, which will change the structure of the Water according to Emoto. We are talking above an Energy signature that will generate visible and tangible effects in the body and in the mental and emotional makeup of the individual with regular daily use. Do we have the capability of creating the Fountain of Youth? Time will tell as it always does. You are a pioneer here, we are in the middle of collecting the data on the Etheric Water.

We have one water formula contained within it will be a palate of frequencies  for Physical Regeneration, Sensuality, and enhanced Oxygen. We are finding that the Etheric Water works directly on a physical level. They work on the Aura within 6 feet and will remove the Karmic emotional debris that  is dredged up by the Bio-resonance machine. The Bio-resonance machine will break down and dissolve deep sub-concious and unconscious programming. The physical effects from emotional upheaval and illness are changed quite dramatically with regular use of the water. Although we do not treat disease there definitely are health related benefits from regular use of the Etheric water . Virtually anything can be imprinted on the Water molecule as it is a tremendous carrier of information and is the basis of life. DNA has a physical component which is your double helix, but it also has an inter-dimensional side that is just as real. This is where you get the concept of 12 strands of DNA come from in New Age lore. Whether 12 strands of DNA will eventually manifest in physical form is unknown, we may enter the etheric state first where the physical is no longer the physical but more Etheric. Is Heaven coming to Earth or are we going to Heaven? It’s all relative… We have found it makes no sense to actually ship bottles of water to you when we can send you the signal with a link code to treat as much water as you can carry, so to speak.

You will only need to sign up one person per household, an embedded discount is inherent in the water program. There are three basic formula’s contained within the etheric water, while we are adding more stuff on a regular basis.

Regeneration Blend Elixir- This formula is designed to regenerate the physical body. It will provide the energy signature of the monoatomic elements in addition to various nutrients and deficiencies that occur as one ages. Contained within this formula are the mono-atomic elements, specifically Gold, Iridium, platinum and Silver. This most likely is the cause of the mind immediately clearing when one jumps on the water program.

Amour Elixir- This elixir is designed to open one up to Romantic love, it will open your heart as well as your second chakra. A synchronization between the heart and the second chakra will occur.

Maximum Oxygen Elixir- This Water Elixir is utilized to saturate the body with Oxygen. It is not like hydrogen peroxide or Ozone therapy. Most illness is a function of dehydration and lack of oxygen, I will leave you to make your own conclusions about the benefits of a water with a high Oxygen value.

The Etheric water goes way beyond just alka-lining the body, it actually hydrates the body which is the main reason why there is a detox effect. Most water products do not detox the cells even though they are alkaline, because the water molecule is actually too large to get through the cell wall to actually detox the body. The Etheric water product seems to create rapid detoxification because of a possible reduction in the size of the water molecule from the etheric water machine. The Etheric water is tuning all the water in the cells to the frequencies embedded in the Etheric Water machine, since the machine is on all the time now, energy continues to accumulate within the water that remains on the link code. There is a  by Dan Nelsonthat charges water with a reverse time laser, he explains that water is actually a stargate and the substances on the physical plane are created through a combination of different frequencies, that all the minerals in the sea are essentially created out of the aether through a random combination of frequencies that produce different elements on the physical plane. It is the frequencies delivered in the water that are more effective in supplying energy to the body that the actual physical substances. He views the DNA as a code-reader for energy. Dan Nelson views the water as a menu that the DNA picks and chooses the components that it needs. Bill Kirkland’s etheric water product appears to do the same thing with the additional component of having a massive energy signature that actual impregnates the water with far more energy than can be found in nature. Delivering the water through a link code is far more cost effective that selling actual bottles of water. For the amount one would pay for one bottle of water, you currently have an unlimited supply to saturate your body.
With all homeopathic products that I have tried the effects have been fairly minimal because there is this belief system floating around that one only needs to add a few drops of water of a homeopathic substance to change the carrier water. I have found thisnot to be true in practice. What I have found with Bill Kirkland’s product is that, if you saturate your body on a daily basis you will begin to have rapid detox effects as well as regenerative effects internally with the physical body. The combination of the Bio-resonance program and the Etheric Water programseems to be generating a massive energy signature that directly effects the physical plane. If you are not feeling the effects of the water, drink more of it. I do not reccomend that you drink and drive though.

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Subscription includes Bio-Resonance,Etheric Water,Tachyon Mirror Machine,Orgone Radionic Machine and coming soon Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator

Tachyon Mirror

Tachyon Mirror Machine

Is an offshoot of the Tachyon Jewelry line and Wands. Mirrors have been used for centuries as magical tools to peer into the future as well as into the depth of the soul.
We like to use glass rather than plastic to encode Tachyon energy because we feel it holds the energy much more strongly. Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. With the accumulation of Tachyon energy in the sub-atomic parts of the DNA, there may be signs of youthing or Age Reversal. Tachyon glass works well with chronic pain.
The Tachyon Mirror Machine is a series of Tachyonized Mirrors placed in a Sacred Geometric configuration and influenced by a low-level magnetic field from the bio-resonance machines. It is a homemade low brow device, but not necessarily low power. We have found up to this point that the Mirror machines work well with chronic physical pain. There is a penetrating anti-inflammatory effect as well as effecting the psyche on a deep mental buy discount and emotional level. It is similar to Luke diets drugs Skywalker confronting himself in the Cave on the planet Dagobah.
That place…is strong with the dark side of the Force.”
“What’s in there?”
“Only what you take with you.”   Luke and Yoda…  It is the contact with our dark side or shadow that contains the power and pleasure in life. We are including the Mirror Technology as a part of the basic subscription to the Ascension Energy Program, along with the Bio-resonance and the Etheric Water. Initially you may feel a greater sense of relaxation when you first go on the Mirror technology. As you integrate these energies, you will get used to the mirror machine and it will fade back into the background; however that does not mean it is not still working. It is the slow and subtle incremental changes that will begin to show up  in your life, you may start to feel like you want to exercise more, a boost in energy levels may appear as well as an overall lightening of one’s personality. The mirrors can be intense, so there may be the dark side showing up a bit in your life. These are the repressed energies seeking an outlet and expression. If you embrace them, you may notice that you become happier, more spontaneous and physically more energetic. All of these technologies are here to move you in the direction of loosening the grip of the ego on your consciousness. A bit of struggle and fight is not necessarily a bad thing, part of the process. The mirrors will unleash your passion or fire in the belly; something that we really need in this drug-addicted zombified world  of consumerism, reality TV and fiat currency.

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Subscription includes Bio-Resonance,Etheric Water,Tachyon Mirror Machine,Orgone Radionic Machine and coming soon Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator




OUR PRODUCTS – Where spirituality and science merge!
Tau Master – by Bill Kirkland
Gold Power Symbols for Manifestation
Ascension Energy Power Symbol Cards
The Camelot Wand
The “H” Wand
The Hurricane Wand

1 Tau Master Book $23.00

 I am what you are looking for, said Michael. Call me the power source for the laser you were considering, the attunement you require. Michael began to speak: Throughout much of man’s history, naked force was used as a projection of power. Both tribes are concentrating on beating the other into submission. There have always been adepts who sought to bring man to a higher spiritual plane, one where there is a de-emphasis or even an elimination of violence. The hallmarks of some philosophies, such as Socrates’, were pure reason, in other words, let sit down and talk this out. Other philosophies emphasized stoicism, physical removal from the conflict of the outside world. Certainly Buddha would be the major proponent of this. The Tao simply avoided conflict, a subtler reduction without the necessary removal from the world. The Tao concept of moving around the conflict as water moves around a rock is a perfect example of this. With the arrival of Jesus Christ, man’s concept of conflict was changed forever. Jesus did not preached the elimination of conflict through love. An active principal of aggression on a spiritual plane and passivity on the physical.

Gold Power Symbols for Manifestation

1 Gold Power Decal $8.77

2 Power Decal $18.97

5 Power Decal $39.97

12 Power Decal $81.97

Bill Kirkland’s gold power symbols are energized by the Bio-resonance machine; they can be placed on water bottles, under a mattress or used for the manifestation of a book, film, or a business as well as placed in shoes to increase athletic performance.

I did not really understand what Bill was talking about with the symbols, until I started to play around with them. I have used Sacred geometric symbols for years to re-encode genetics and activate DNA. Often, I have not found much energy to be coming off the symbols but continued to use them anyway; mostly taking it on faith that there was some benefit. I have sacred symbol cards from the Wingmakers as well as an artist and healer from Sedona Bryan Deflores that are both supposed to activate DNA.

I have used them on and off for several years now with minimal results. I took them out of mothballs the other day and applied Bill’s gold Power symbols on the cards and energy started to emit from the cards. Kirkland’s gold power symbols are driven by the machine and will invigorate anything that it touches. Bill recommends placing the symbols under the mattress while one sleeps, 18 of them. I went one step further and placed the symbols on the four walls of my bedroom as well as the ceiling. I likened it to the Tachyon chamber I saw on an episode of Star Trek Next Generation one night where there was a vortex of Tachyon energy that was reversing the age of the Crew. The symbols when placed in opposition to each other seem to create a heterodyne effect where the frequencies multiply and amplify with the use of other symbols or simply intentions written out on a piece of paper. The sky’s the limit for the potential of the symbols and it is a great low-cost way to participate in the energy of the machine.

Ascension Energy Power Symbol Cards

1 Ascension Energy Power Symbol Card $3.99

10 Ascension Energy Power Symbol Cards $19.97

25 Ascension Energy Power Symbol Cards $39.97

The Symbol is on both sides of the wallet-sized cards. The power symbol cards like the stickers are placed on the Bio-resonance machine, level 9. They are great for manifestation, gifting to a friend or just carrying around in your wallet or purse. They will help remove fear and can be used to purify water or food. They function the same as the decals. It is a low-cost way to participate in the program or help a friend or a stranger by gifting an AscensionEnergy Program Power Symbol; based on the pin wheel from Tibet as well as the Circle and the dot from the Essene tradition of John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ.

The Camelot Wand

1 Camelot Wand $125.00

The Camelot Wand puts one into the heart chakra and will produce feelings of Ecstasy. The wand projects unconditional love and sensuality at the same time; it will bring you back to a state of innocence. It is excellent for removing old romantic attachments and obsessions.

The negative emotions around sex and sensuality are purged and it allows you to experience what True romantic love really is. In the tradition of the philosophy of the Knights of the Round Table. It will help re-model the ideal forms of romantic love that have been lost by the current decadence of modern society.

The “H” Wand

1 “H” Wand $40.00

Bill has been playing around with Tachyon glass for months. Every time, I would call him up, he would be waving the wand at me over the phone. I would always feel better after the little treatment session, my body would be much more relaxed and my mind calm. I had a vague understanding ofTachyon energy from an episode of Star Trek next generation. In the episode the Starship Enterprise is in 3 different time zones in the same location. Each Enterprise was projecting a reverse Tachyon beam from three different angles.

This caused a ‘rift in time’ that caused time to flip and become anti-time, where anything that came into this inverse time field would begin to de-age, to follow a reverse growth path from Old to Young. It is like watching a movie in reverse. I’ve always found the idea of Time Travel interesting but this Anti-Time idea offered a totally different set of possibilites. In the STNG episode, Enterprise crew members reported old scars healing and they became younger by the day. The blind chief engineer used electronic glasses. He experienced pain due to his eyes healing so that he could once again see.

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachionization is a technological process that impregnates the physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and thus it permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level. Tachyon technology was developed through the course of the last 15 years. Tachyon technology greatly increases the efficiency of natural creams, food supplements and vitalized water. Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system. It also harmonizes chaotic electromagnetic fields in the human living environment. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically.

Now when the Star Trek engineer experienced a healing and his vision was restored, what he first experienced was pain. As the underlying trauma in the DNA was corrected there was a pain response from the removal of the corrupted imprint. It would be akin to ripping a band-off. Now remember the Etheric Water is energized by a Tachyon super-charger. Over the last few months, I have had 2 fairly dramatic pain experiences followed by a complete healing. The first one was about two month ago, I bent over slightly and got a shooting pain in my lower back. I had not lifted anything, just bent over slightly. Up to that point, I have been blessed with never having back pain. I pretty much did nothing for two days except hobble around.

I was scratching my head wondering why this was happening, I left it alone other than take epsom salt bath. Two days later I got a memory of being laid up in bed for two days from an episode that occurred about 10 years earlier. Another day later the pain was gone and my back was straighter than it had ever been. Three weeks ago, I got a bad rash on my feet, it appeared out of nowhere. I did not treat it, I just left it alone. I surmised that this was a healing event rather than a new viral condition. The reality is that, if you had gotten sick with let’s say Chicken Pox, that you still carry the Chicken pox virus. It is still having an effect on you, even though there are no obvious symptoms. Two weeks later, the rash on my feet cleared up and the skin was blemish free with no age spots. The legend of the Oil of Antimony reports the same effects as the Star Trek Tachyon episode. When one injests the Oil of Antimony according to the legend, all the dead tissue and toxins in the body are expelled, including all the teeth, hair and nails. What happens next is a complete renewal of all the tissue in the body back to the prime of Youth at the age of 20. There is a 10 year old dog that has been on the Etheric Water for about two months now. Her coat has changed from Grey to black and she has started her menses again.

The key I believe is the Tachyon energy, my theory is that the Tachyon energy by charging the sub-atomic structure of the DNA, that we are really re-energizing our pre-natal Chi or Kundalini energy. The Chinese believe that we are born with a finite source of Life force energy. It is strongest at the point of Conception. We begin to expend this energy bank to grow a physical body and to buffer ourselves against Stress. Negative energy drains out Pre-natal Chi or life force energy. The problems begin to compound as these Stress events leave a residual sonar program that continues to emit a frequency. Yogi Bhajan the last master of Kundalini Yoga, stated that we processed 30,000 thoughts per second. That our minds were a cluttered mess. Virtually all of these thoughts were sub-conscious. The point of all of the asanas was to clear these thoughts and programs.

The Tachyon wands are the next tool in the technology arsenal that we are building to clear your genetic makeup to become in resonance with your higher self. The Tachyon wands allow you to clear yourself quicker and root out these Trauma-stress programs. You are no longer clipping the weeds but removing the roots. These wands allow you to become a master healer over-night. You can treat yourself or other people. Every time you use the wands whether on yourself or others, the wands increase in power due to the symbols that are on the wands. The basic H wand originally inspired by Bill watching one of the Harry Potter movies, functions like a laser as well as a wave. I have used the H wand to eliminate any pain from my dental expansion work that I am going through. The H wand has allowed me to expand my palate and restructure my teeth at 10x the rate. If fact my teeth are moving quicker even a child under the age of 6. This is a byproduct of the wand and the nutritional support from the etheric water.

The Hurricane Wand

1 Hurricane Wand $125.00

The Hurricane Wand is a larger version of the “H wand. Two feet long and with 4 labels from the Bi-resonance machine. These wands get stronger every time that you use them. If you want a professional level healer’s tool, this is it. Bill Kirkland’s Tachyon process is proprietary and is not in use by any other maker of Tachyon products.

This is great for clearing yourself or as a healing tool for massage therapist or hands on healing. Tachyon energy is time-reversed, it moves faster than the speed of light and can actually re-energize the Quantum part of the DNA strand, it is akin to pre-natal Chi or Life force energy. I have used it to move the palate for expansion as well as grow the jaw.

It is excellent for chronic pain syndromes. What we are lacking is energy and Tachyon energy is the basis of life.