The Subliminals for the Ascension Energy Program are companion tools to achieve the goals that you want out of life. There are cases where the unified field energy is blocked by unconscious belief systems that the subliminal can address in ways that just the energy technologies alone cannot. All the subliminals carry the energy of the Xcalibur Magnetic field generator and bin-aural beats. The subliminals may include crystal tones, solfeggio frequencies and white noise. Re-programming is part of the process of healing, whether it be for spiritual or more mundane reasons such as financial or career success. Happiness is a function of consistent high energy states with congruent belief systems. The negative dis-empowering beliefs and ideas need to be rooted out and these subliminals will rout them out!!! I suspect you will find these subliminals extremely effective if used regularly. 1 hour per day till effects are noticed.
All Subliminals are downloads no CD versions available. Best to use with headphones.

Rate: $10 For Each Subliminal

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Age Reversal and Silent version
Become A Super Hero
Restore American Republic and Silent version
Win the Lottery and Silent version
Iraqi Dinar RV
Male Enhancement Greek God