This is going to be interesting, I have been receiving almost daily insights over the last year, that have fueled what we call the Ascension process.  I define Ascension as the removal of the hidden parasitic attachments that drain us of energy and the subsequent accumulation of energy within our Aura. The machines on the AscensionEnergyProgram, flood the Aura to surface the trauma that can be processed out of your energy field. It’s basically a catalyst to stimulate an accelerated positive feedback loop.  The deception that may have been hidden from your perception now becomes very obvious and tangible. The insight generated from seeing not just the tip of the deception, but what is also hidden below, perhaps as an ancestral pattern that was created in the womb or and as a child in a state of innocence.  Insights break spells that create hypnotic responses, that keep us trapped in repetitive behavior that generates energy for a third party, which we call demons.

    The fallen world is essentially is a series of spells that overlay the real world. A spell inverts the perception so that we do the exact opposite action that would be energetically positive. A spell convinces you that you are gaining benefit from an action that is actually draining you of energy.  Lovesickness for instance is a type of poison injected in the aura that eventually paralyzes you, thinking you cannot live without this person. In truth, this person is actually draining you like a battery. All spells generate idol worship which is a reflection of your own energy back at you. I define idol worship as the acceptance by association. Celebrity is unreciprocated mass attention, it’s a one-way street, we give but what we receive back is a reflection, not the internal substance that we would call intimacy. We love the object of our attention, but the object does not love us back, it only pretends too.

   This behavior is the core pattern of the matrix, the matrix is an inverted reality; good is bad, bad is good. The Garden of Eden prior to the fall was generated solely by an endless series of innocence interactions, that generated an increase in more intimacy. We did not know we were naked. The Garden was an open source operating system, that began with Adam, the 1 and Eve 0. We are a bunch of 1 and 0, a binary operating system. When the system was operating correctly based on the coin of the realm intimacy, everything was great, awesome. The 1 and 0 interacted with our creator to create magic. There was no cost to magic it was free. In fact, we did not know what magic was simply because it was intertwined with everything. Beauty in the garden is a name for power. The more powerful, the more beautiful.
    The restoration of the Earth as a Garden and Mankind is the exact opposite process of the Fall. We go through Biblical patterns in reverse, think like Benjamin Button. We are developing an immunity to the poison that generates the spells that create the world. This is primarily because we are growing more powerful. Insights act as seals on behavior,  we begin to lose interest, we become bored with the pattern and essentially walk away.
  We have found the real thing, an intimacy that provides us with increasing internal happiness, that simply is there. We rise up in the clouds, our auras begin to extend up into the upper atmosphere, we move beyond the false ceiling of deception that keeps us trapped in the loop of idol worship.
     The energy technologies of the ascensionenergyprogram are a substitute for the need for attention to validate our existence, thru association. We do not need a title of Priest, Doctor, General, Thug, Victim. All these labels are a label that allows us to join a group and behave in a certain way. Bad behavior or Good behavior follows it’s own set of internal rules. The Joker in the Dark Knight is the best example of someone who exposes Idol worship on both sides. The Joker’s mission is to the dropping of all masks.  The Joker is looking for God.  We join groups in order to stabilize the flow of energy, we need psychic food, we need intimacy. The matrix packages intimacy and sells it back to us. Its always corrupted and never lasts very long.
      The machines create the space to drop all the addictive behaviors because there is a continual supply of energy to flood your aura. This registers over time as boredom in formerly negative behaviors. You no longer need to be a part of groups where you have to sacrifice yourself your personality to artificial conformity. You start to think, why in the heaven did I ever do that in the first place? Your primary drive is to seek intimate encounters, not the repackaged varieties that are sold as substitutions.  You look for real experiences that generate true connection rather than upgrading the public mask of association. The fig leaf begins to fall off and you don’t care, what other people think. You see this behavior in homeless people in the negative sense.
    You start to operate outside the ritualistic behaviors of the matrix. You walk with God, like Enoch. The one problem with this at the moment is we still live in the world. The generation of resources still comes from living in the world primarily. What is coming through, is another way of generation, based on sharing rather than hoarding.

    Idol worship creates fear, we hoard. Real worship creates happiness, we share. Walking with God in his seemingly haphazard movements actually is the very action that collapses the fallen world and simultaneously builds a new one up below the surface of awareness. At a certain point, there is a break in the old world and the birth of the new one. We will not know the moment of the break because it’s a byproduct of the collective use of Enochian magic. We hit a peak energy state that coheres together and we create the break in the system. This is generated by a certain number of people living in a sustained state of intimacy until the energy peaks enough to break through the resistance of the matrix. The matrix seeks to destroy the momentum of happiness at all costs. It lies and tells stories that are exactly the opposite of what is really occurring. The greater the fear being generated by the Media the closer we are to the breakthrough point. The media covers up all signs of any mass spiritual awakening.

     Ok, back to earth, The excess energy triggered by the machines generates insights over time. These insights are shared thru the machines via resonance. The insights are picked up thru intuition via the heart. More insights are generated by the clients on the program. A positive feedback loop is created, where there really is no point of origin. These insights begin to spill over everywhere, the variable is the artificially induced high energy states. Really our core problem is lack of energy in a usable form. The energies generated by the Xcalibur machine is a substitution for the decline in the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field. The reduction of the lifespan was symptomatic of the reduction in the field strength of the Earth’s magnetic fields. A negative feedback loop was created as sins compounded. If we increase the field strength thru radionics or direct exposure to the technology energy in sufficient enough quantities throughout the world, parasitic behavior will rapidly begin to drop out. Idol worship will collapse, that is already happening. My next mission is to get the Xcalibur machine out in the general public. The more machines in operation the greater the positive feedback loop.