The Quest Level
$150.00 per month

This is for the individual that has achieved Financial Independence and is now looking for the pursuit of Happiness: The search for the Fountain of Youth, the Grail Quest, Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria, myths of dragons and dinosaurs in the deepest jungles of Africa, 100 foot snakes in Borneo, and even the more mundane ET’s  in New Mexico. The point is that you now have the time and the money to tread the path of an initiate or the swashbuckler having integrated the power Viagra online of Malkuth, the master of the material plane in the kaballistic system as symbolized by the Queen sitting on the throne. In Esoteric societies such as the Templars, Hospitallers, Knights of Malta, Assassins or Freemasons, whether you believe they are light or dark, they all have in common the necessity for the individual to achieve Financial Wealth.

Free-market Capitalism is the highest form of an economic system. That is why it  was implemented by the founding fathers, mostly Freemasons and Rosicrucians, as the basis of the American system as represented by the use of Gold as money. Socialism or Communism is a gross error of a spiritual truth. The fulfillment of Capitalism is in a society of independent freedom-loving individuals of strong body and mind in service to their creator and fellow man. The digression of a society into a political structure is where a hidden oligarchy steals the wealth of the few individuals who actually Online buy Viagra have the creative capacity to drive civilization forward in a productive and fruitful manner. This is a temporary state that is not in alignment with the evolution of Man. The Levitra buy online implementation of Fiat currency always leads to the destruction of civilization because it attempts to go against the law of true value; even exchange. It embeds the idea that something can be gotten for nothing, that one can cheat the system known as the Law of Karma or Thou Shalt Not Steal. This means on an esoteric level, one cannot steal as one only has the ability to harm oneself. The Laws of Commerce – as well as the Ten Commandments – actually uphold this principal. These are just simply statements of fact that tell how the mechanics of the universe work. Commerce is Truth. Wealth is a byproduct  of living in the truth. Ill-gotten gains will always be returned to the source, whether in this life or the next. What ultimately does happen is death when one lives out of alignment with their Cialis buy creator. Sin is simply spiritual error. Original Sin is the fear of God or Truth. It is a corruption throughout the whole genetic code that prior to the creation of Bio-resonance Cialis online buy and Tachyon technologies was virtually impossible to erase within the DNA to evolve to the next level. The truth is that one does not have to fear and that is what we are attempting to correct at We overcome sin to extend the lifespan by living in the Truth and embodying the concept of Happiness or Eros. That is certainly better than having the goal of retiring to Florida and signing up for AARP and leaving your wealth to your kin or your Government.

Why become a Premium member ?

Here is the $64,000 question. Who finished in second place at the 2008 Bejing Olympics 100 Meter Butterfly after Michael Phelps historic 7th Gold medal? How the hell would I know? I googled it, turns out it was Milorad Cavic. He lost by 1-100th of a second. In fact it was even closer than that, they had to use a camera that could slow down the race to one-1000th of a second. What if Cavic was on the energy technologies at the He would most likely have his  own Wheaties box right now rather than Wally Pipp syndrome. Any athlete from the aspiring to the professional to the weekend warrior. It can give you an unseen edge that can be tested for. It can take an aging athlete at the end of his career and extend  it for perhaps 2-3 years.
What about someone in a highly competitive field such as a trader? How about removing the stress necessary so you do not have a heart attack by 45. Do you still have the nerve left? Do you want it back? Bill Kirkland was a U.S. futures trading champion 1982-84. He is a font of knowledge when it comes to the markets. You essentially have a mentor to break you of any bad habits in virtually any field. Success is a function of maintaining a positive frame of mind on a continual basis. That is all about energy; when you remove negativity or repression you have more energy it is that simple.
We are on a positive feedback loop with new additions to our program on virtually a daily basis. Cumulatively, we have over 35 years of experience in the fields of energy technologies, meditation, Yoga and Western Esoteric traditions. You will be a part of our latest research and experimental technologies – a veritable guinea pig in the Alchemist’s workshop. Most of the research will not be put to print for months. Having access to the latest discoveries and insights will give you a massive edge in business, entertainment and Athletics.  We like people who are just as interested in the search as we are and who understand the ultimate value of what we have to offer.

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