The irony of working with radionic technology is that it is easier to shift the macro that it is the micro. That is we can effect large organizations or properties in very visible and dramatic ways in a very short period of time. The energies from the AscensionEnergyProgram have now moved beyond critical mass, that is we have entered the zone of magic, where the impossible becomes the norm. I am going to give you a few examples of what applied unified field energy can do for a business or real estate properties.

I first discovered the ability to treat real estate properties when I was sitting in a diner in the east village with a real estate broker. He was telling me, he had this building across the street that had been on the market for over ten years and it had not sold. He said it was haunted as it used to be a former German Mental Health clinic before WWII. The romantic in me said a Nazi Mind Control Center! Nick took me over to the property after we ate and it was haunted as described. I got cold chills up my spine and there were noises upstairs, just like in a B horror film. I said I can clear this, I went home and came back with a few Orgone cones and placed them all throughout the building. I did a little ad hoc banishing ritual and left; it took about 15 minutes.

Forgot about the experience, two weeks later, Nick called me up and he was angry. I said what happened? He said the building had been sold. I said that is Great News, he said no. That some other real estate agency had sold it and had the exclusive, he was cut out of the commission. I cracked up, no good deed goes unpunished. The experience showed me that it was fairly easy to clear properties and at that time I was just using Orgone. Later on, when I started the AscensionEnergyProgram, my sister owned a brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2009. She lost her two tenants and decided she wanted to sell the property. This was in the middle of the Real Estate crash, she had fallen about $7000 in arrears on the mortgage. I saw a disaster in the making and wanted to avert the catastrophe.

I put the brownstone on the bio-resonance machine#7. One month later the property sold for her asking price and the disaster was averted. The most dramatic case was a real estate agent in Florida who was having trouble selling properties around the same time. He put about 7 properties on the machine, two days later a guy walked in off the street and bought a million dollar home for cash. A woman in Sweden was trying to sell both her home and restaurant for over two years. She purchased two Orgone pyramids from me, two weeks later after placing the pyramids in her home and restaurant; both places closed within a month within the asking price.

I have a large Contractor overseas, who was owed over $65 million dollars. He placed all of his debts on the bio-resonance machine and the Orgone Radionic Machine. This was in 2010, to date over $57 million dollars has been collected whether through actual payments or the results of successful lawsuits won. The same contractor wanted to sell his apartment. About a month later, a friend of his had a dream that he sold his place for 1.3 million dollars. Two weeks later the place sold for 1.3 million dollars.

What about restaurants and bars? What if you had an increase in 7% in traffic just because the energy of the establishment was inviting, what about the fact that now the employees of that establishment were happy and more productive because they had a boundless supply of energy. Would you make more money? What if I told you I could enhance the taste of the food without every walking into that restaurant. What if you had 100 restaurants and I did that across the board? What if I was able to reduce your electrical consumption by 20% and increase the energy of the establishment at the same time where you would not only have more people in the place, but spending more money and coming back for unknown reasons?

I used to go to Starbucks and work on the computer for hours, I stopped going when I noticed that their stock price was jumping and they were re-vamping all the stores with a new look and menus. I don’t like to work for free, not for corporations at least. The numerous side benefits will be better employees across the board for your company. Better ideas to improve the effectiveness your your businesses across the board. This happens quite naturally with the rise in etheric energy. Have you ever seen a Sports team on a magical run? That is the quantum effect where harmony produces magic. What if you were able to turn the magic on at will and leave it on and keep turning up the volume? Would you ever want to stop? The applications are endless…. Fees will be determined based on the amount of work involved and the size of the business and the type of benefit that you will receive as a result of the use of the energy technologies.

I like bonuses based on results so if you are struggling financially or just starting up, I can structure the payments where they are tied to performance bonuses based on the increase in the success of your business. There will always be a monthly fee, but I am interested in making people hugely successful; I like the challenge. One note of warning, if you are the type that is always looking for an angle, don’t use my services. You will go through a massive spiritual awakening that will be quite painful. Remember when Moses said Let my people go! And the Pharaoh’s heart hardened…

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