How does it work?
Bio-etheric energy is not electric or magnetic, but Tachyon or Quantum energy. There is no movement through time so the effects are instantaneous. The energy the bio-etheric machine emits might be called auric, spiritual or life-force. These frequencies clear out your surrounding energy field (aura) and the energy centers of your body (chakras). Negativity is dissolved or transmuted to pure clean positive energy. The main benefit of the Bio-etheric machine is the removal of negativity. Once negativity is removed and kept there by the machine, you will be able to re-create new patterns of behaviour, empowering patterns that re-create your life sometimes slowly and sometimes quite rapidly. There are currently 6 machines in the AscensionEnergyProgram. Machine 3-8 are for individuals use, machine 9 is for manifestation. Typically after the initial consultation with Bill Kirkland, you will be placed on machine number three with the witness or link being your name.( We do not use photographs or hair samples, with this technology it is unnecessary.)

Each week the energy in the machine is turned up, it is a progressive program, you are continually being raised in frequency. This is much different from other energetic balancing programs that focus on treating disease. The bio-etheric machine does not treat disease, it only wipes out negativity and boosts energy levels in your auric field, which may translate into an increase in your physical energy and lead to changes in your physical body such as increased muscle mass and a loss of body fat.

What will I experience on the machine?
The $64,000 dollar question. The intangible effects are virtually a loss of negativity immediately, now this does you will not feel negative again, what will most likely happen is that when you go into a state of negativity you will express it and move on. Sort of like a little kid, I think Christ said something like you must become like a kid to enter the kingdom of heaven. Over time you will begin to forget your “old self”, gradually and continually as your auric field is continually being “pumped with energy”, your personality begins to subtly shift. There will be emotional and spiritual crises along the way like to before, but they will be more intense and quicker. You will let them go easier, rather than hanging on to them like a worn-out shoe. I again repeat, the main benefit of the bio-etheric machine is the loss of negativity. We are trapped on the wheel of Karma because of the repetitive dramas and cycles of pettiness and low energy negative frames of reference. Unlike a healing session with a Reiki healer or a body worker, which are positive but short-lived. The effects wear off and we lapse into old behaviour, two steps forward three steps back. Do not under-estimate what this means over the long-term, it is like receiving a gold coin once a week for the rest of your life. Your are building energy capital. As your fields are flooded with energy continually, your genetics will begin to turn on. The Human Spirit and Physical body does not waste energy, it will use excess to build and expand it’s nature. You will become all you were meant to be over time. Drip by drip; the junk DNA becomes more active, intuition becomes second nature. You will know the difference between the truth and deception.

You may start to see and hear things from the other side of the veil, we are dealing with resonant technologies that assist you with Ascension. As your nature becomes closer to Divine, that world, the Garden of Eden, Shamballa, Camelot will begin to open up. You will feel unconditional love, perhaps for the first time in your life. In will be there consistently, not here one day gone the next which has been the problem with the human condition. We have been unable to rely on certain “states of conciousness” being consistently available to utilize for our benefit.
How can one believe in Heaven, if you have never felt it? Transformation of Self into a Christic being is a positive feedback loop; it matters not where you stand today spiritually, physically and emotionally, these states of conciousness can be transformed over time. What you have been lacking all your life in Energy, we are all fighting over energy in one form or another. What if you could simply pay a small fee each month for an unlimited supply of bio-etheric energy? Would you do it or would you value your Cable TV or your SUV? If your life is a wreck, you need energy more than ever. Bio-etherics is a shortcut developed for a modern time of fluoridated water, genetically modified food and chemtrails. It has been said that technolgy can be used for good or evil; well it is about time we got something that is a benefit for all of Mankind.

I have been on the machine for awhile and I feel flat; has it stopped working?
If you are starving you eat a lot of food and then you get full. When you start on the machine there is sometimes a euphoria when your frequency is raised. You are being filled, the initial euphoria goes away and you move into a state of satiety temporarily, this is the digestion phase. Next comes assimilation where the energy is put to work. The energy with the machine works the same way, you have the pleasurable experience of eating, then there is a flat period followed by an action phase, usually a synchronicity. Synchronicity will increase in your life, it is your road map into an empowered world. Machine #3 is equivalent to 600,000 people praying for you on a daily basis, this is a rough analogy of the type of energy that is projected by the machine. The effects of the machine to look for are? Are you as fearful as you were before? Are you as Anxious or depressed? Is your life moving forward? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then yes the machine is working. There is a subtlety to the bio-resonance technology, you will not always feel it, you will go through phases where you doubt, whether the machine is working, this is completely natural, but I ask you to stick with it for at-least 4 months. Change takes time, what is really being worked on is your character, as the fear is being removed, other characteristics will begin to shine through. Intuition is the power to make correct choices while faced under pressure. It takes courage, it is a muscle that needs to be exercised, this will take time. Less for people that already, know who there are and have a path, more for people who lives are a train-wreck. If you are in a fearful state, decision-making is poor. A successful, productive and ecstatic life is a function of outstanding decision-making from a posture of certainty.

Internal beliefs that are in conflict that prevent you from having a Esctatic life will be brought to the surface, you will then have a choice to move forward or fold. The bio-resonance technology has only been in operation a little over two years. The mapping process for stages of growth is still being laid out. This is the first explanation based on my own experiences as well as seeing patterns of responses within the client base.

Question : How do I cancel a subscription?
: You can cancel a subscription up until the day of the next scheduled payment. Remember, this cancels all future scheduled payments for that subscription.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click History under My Account at the top of the page.
3. Choose Subscriptions from the Show drop-down menu.
4. Check the From box and change the date back to the year the subscription was created.
5. Click Search, and then click Details.
6. Click Cancel Subscription.
7. Click Cancel Subscription again.